Hope Of Israel Baptist Broadcast™

Hope Of Israel Baptist Broadcast™

Commentary on Current events dealing with Israel, Prophecy and the End times. Biblical perspective of News events, and Doctrinal teachings. Jewish Customs and Messianic Prophecies examined in light of the Holy Scriptures.

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After living in Israel for three years during the time of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Dr. K. Daniel Fried returned to the United States to join the US Army.

In his first year of military service, Dr. Fried’s famous uncle, Rabbi Shepard Baum (Director of Kosher regulations for New York City, and a prominent member of the World Jewish Congress, who sat as a US representative on the Eichmann trials in Israel) died suddenly. Upon word of his uncles death, this young soldier took a leave of absence to visit his family. Seeking the truth about life and the afterlife, but not satisfied with the answers of modern-day Judaism, or any other mainstream religion.

Dr. Fried was inconsolable and lost without direction when he entered his uncle’s library in search for the truth. Looking in the most sacred part of the library, he discovered a little black book wedged between ancient manuscripts. That little black book was a King James Bible. No one knows for sure how this Bible ended up on the shelf of an Orthodox Rabbi or how long it had rested there. One thing Dr. Fried did know was that the reading of this Bible brought Holy Ghost conviction to his heart over his sinfulness and about who Christ the Messiah really was. He received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour in 1977.

His salvation immediately lead to a great burden for the salvation of others. His family, friends, the Jewish people, and all he crossed paths with. Brother Fried and his wife began an outreach called Hope of Israel which many years later in 1997 became the Hope of Israel Baptist Mission.

Dr. Fried has been a Bible believing Baptist preacher of the Gospel for over 40 years.. During this time he has pastored two pioneering churches and assisted in starting several other churches, founded a Bible Institute, founded three Missions. In 2001 he received his Doctorates degree from Faith Baptist Bible College of Resaca, Georgia. Currently the Director of the Hope of Israel Baptist Mission, Inc. and host of the Hope of Israel Baptist Broadcast.  Dr. Fried is nationally known as a revivalist and Bible prophecy preacher and has preached extensively on the following themes: The Tabernacle; the Feasts; Bible Doctrine; Godly living; Biblical Prophecy and the End-Times; History of the Jews; Jewish Customs; and has conducted Revival meetings & Bible Conferences around the country and in other countries. 

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