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Thomas Cetnar 3rd



Thomas Cetnar 3rd, is one of the founders of WRAP TECHNOLOGIES, NASDAQ (WRAP) The restraining device revolutionizing de-escalation method relating to law enforcement and beyond.   He began his career in law enforcement in 1984 as a police officer in the city of Newark, New Jersey.  Within two years he was promoted to detective and assigned to the Narcotic Bureau in an undercover capacity.  During his tenure in law enforcement, he served in several prominent roles and was recognized as a decorated officer.  The FBI selected him and assigned him to serve as a member of their Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force.  He was trained in anti-terrorism and was a skilled hostage negotiator.  Before leaving office, he served as Commanding Officer of the Narcotics Task Force and Special Investigation Unit for the entire county of Essex, New Jersey.

Mr. Cetnar successfully made the transition into the private sector of the security field.  He was selected and served as head of an executive protection detail to the Vice President of the United States.  He also served as Vice President of Security for two Fortune 500 companies and has been retained by some of the top CEO’s in the country as a consultant.

In 2008/2009, Mr. Cetnar entered the world of professional baseball and served as the Owner/CEO of the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Team.  He was responsible for signing some of the most prominent MLB players including Hall of Famer Tim Raines as manager.  Mr. Cetnar partnered with Yankee Great Jorge Posada’s Foundation, overseeing his inner-city Baseball clinics.  He hired Dwight “Doc” Gooden, legendary pitcher as Sr. VP of the Newark Bears, Mr. Gooden and Mr. Cetnar were then recognized for the efforts of bringing Baseball History back to the inner Cities.  Among his many accomplishments, Thomas was honored by the American Negro Museum for his historical exhibit at Bears/Eagle Riverfront Stadiums, respectively, displaying their legendary players.  This presentation of history was the first of its kind on the East Coast.

Mr. Cetnar, a born visionary, produced the Stadium’s most exciting entertainment in its 12-year history.  An unforgettable demonstration of such was when The Honorable General Colin Powell assisted the Newark Bears in retiring number “42” recognizing the Legendary Jackie Robinson.  He orchestrated such guests as legendary singer Patti LaBelle who performed the National Anthem for the first time in her career, the Jonas Brothers, and Newark’s own Queen Latifah.


Mr. Cetnar is instrumental in saving the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Organization.  He was solely responsible for the creation of a new management team resulting in the revivification of this historic franchise.  Thomas’s passion and dedication to persevering history and his renaissance like methodology , successfully restored the beloved team back to the glory days of the past Newark Bear and Newark Eagle teams.  His vision and marketing practices brought the franchise national attention.  This Newark native has a lifelong record of serving his beloved community.  He has proudly accepted resolutions presented by both the of city Newark and the state of NJ for his undaunting quest in improving the quality of life in Newark through his unwavering and dedicated love for baseball. 

Wrap Technologies.  As one of the visionaries, Mr. Cetnar was completely driven by his yearning to provide a compassionate way to detain a subject.  Bola Wrap has literally changed law enforcement as we know it.   His motivation came from watching the inhumane approaches that were offered at the time as restraint tactics and his passion was to “do a better job.”  Mr. Cetnar, the evangelist of WRAP is credited with compiling some of the countries most respected Chiefs of Police to work alongside him on this endeavor.  Together, they toured the globe bringing the device and its awareness to thousands of officers.  Wrap has swept the country as well as the world, with not only the Bola Wrap device, but more importantly, the ever so important conversations that have gone too long without being explored.   Wrap Technologies has not only opened a once closed dialogue, it has provided a physical device that tremendously assists in the solution to this issue.  The device is a national and global success, but the story and the conversation it evokes, is something entirely bigger.  A reawakening of sorts.  A legacy Thomas Cetnar will leave behind.  A massive contribution to the world. 

Mr. Cetnar’s life has been anything from what one would think a cop from

Newark would stereotypically be.  He was born loving and honoring “blue.”  Joining the ranks of his ancestors in the Newark PD was just the beginning of an illustrious career.   Mr. Cetnar’s life is inspirational to say the least, and after years of dismissing, Thomas has decided to allow one of the many writers who have approached him over the years to tell his story.     

Thomas’s current position is the founder of Down Neck Productions, a subsidiary of Long Shore Entertainment.  He, along with his wife, Robin, own and operate the company specializing in literary, film, tv and musical projects including hosting their own show, The King and The Cop that was broadcast in Tampa and is now streaming nationally.  Thomas and Robin, a long time veteran of the arts, are dedicated to bringing quality projects to a large audience with one simple objective- To tell a story that will evoke change.  The breakout pilot of their company?   “The Narrows.”  The long awaited novel based on the extraordinary life of a kid from Newark, New Jersey-  Mr. Thomas Cetnar.


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