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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

Heart Match Me is a show about finding relationships. Single? Struggling with your relationship? Facing a divorce? Learn the do's and dont's of dating, relationships, and life with host Eileen Fisher.

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New York-based Relationship/Dating Expert Eileen Fisher has been setting up couples as long as she can remember. A

matchmaker since college, she initially worked in NYC’s Garment District before heading officially into matchmaking.

She is currently a partner in Elite Connections International, New York’s most exclusive matchmaking agency with over 24

years of unprecedented success. “Matchmaking just comes naturally to me, I just have it in me,” Fisher said. “Matching is my joy, my love, my passion to help find people their true match. Happiness is a choice, but there are steps that people can take to be happy. I am looking for my clients to find that certain someone to make their days and nights a little more enjoyable. I want to help people find that happiness in their lives.”

Finding the right person takes work, and you can’t just find someone through a dating app. Fisher thinks people should move away from dating apps, and focus on finding the right person – in person. Tinder or Bumble is like a magazine; you can scroll through the photos and swipe left or right.

People also don’t honestly reveal their true selves on their profiles. Most people submit old photos from 10 years ago and give answers that look good on paper, and totally different in person. To find that special someone, don’t just stay inside your house; go out and meet people,” Fisher said. “The fall season is upon us. Have hot chocolate with a friend; go to the park with your dog. Smile. You are bound to meet people if you just go out and try.”


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