Joe Walsh

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh speaks
from experience.
From politics to education and media, Walsh
knows bull when he sees it and isn’t afraid to
hold officials accountable. Joe earned an
English Bachelor of Arts degree from
the University of Iowa, studied professional
acting at the esteemed Lee Strasberg Theatre
and Film Institute in New York, before going
on to complete a Master of Public
Policy program at the University of
Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy Studies, then went on to
Washington where he served as a United States Congressman for his district
in Illinois. During that time, Walsh was an outspoken critic of the Obama
Administrations’ unwillingness to control spending and pressed for
improvements in education and ending government waste.
As a frequent guest on MSNBC, CNN and the Fox News Channel, Joe brings
his unique insights to the national airwaves as a committed activist for
conservative principles, sharing his street-smarts on social issues, and
continuing to be outspoken on matters that concern all Americans.
The Joe Walsh Show airs Monday through Friday 6PM to 9PM (Pacific) and
is distributed by Salem Radio Network.
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