Video Shows Claire McCaskill Hiding Gun Control Support from Missouri Voters

A new undercover video released by Project Veritas reveals Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s staff praising her for her ability to hide her support for gun control from Missouri voters.

Breitbart reports the undercover video shows McCaskill happily admitting her support for numerous bans, including one of “high capacity” magazines and “semiautomatic rifles” saying, “I’ve voted for most of those things before.”

Campaign staffers discuss McCaskill’s decision to distance herself from former President Obama and gun control groups.

The staffer praised McCaskill’s strategy of secretly supporting them, but, “people just can’t know that.”

McCaskill has an F-rating from the NRA and wants to place numerous new gun controls on Missourians as well as citizens throughout the rest of the country.

Corrie O'Connor


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